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3 Benefits of Short-Term Finance & Accounting Support

Business owners and executives often find themselves swamped with work during a special company project or when an unexpected event occurs.

Whether you are creating a new financial reporting process, implementing new ERP software throughout your organization, preparing to sell your business, or want to acquire a new one, additional finance & accounting support is needed for a few months, but you may not need a full-time employee.

Engaging a short-term resource can have the following benefits:

Additional Expertise and Bandwidth

Your current staff already has a full plate, and they are used to only being focused on their day-to-day responsibilities. When a special project comes along, your current team may not have the bandwidth or expertise to tackle it.

A short-term finance & accounting resource, like CFOx, will give your business the extra firepower it needs to execute the project properly and on time.


During volatile times, having a flexible working arrangement with an advisor can save your firm money and headaches in the long-run. As the COVID-19 pandemic taught many businesses, it is important to have expert advisors in your corner. When new and unexpected situations arise, business owners are forced to pivot quickly and make critical decisions.

At CFOx, we work with business owners who want us to always be in their bullpen as a short-term resource when they need additional support.

Cost-Effective Alternative to Hiring Full-Time Employees

Engaging an advisor gives you the expertise you need without the long-term commitment of a full-time employee. Further, the ability to get the support you need, only when you need it, will benefit your bottom line.

If your business could use or would like to learn more about engaging a short-term resource, please schedule a free consultation via email ([email protected]) or by scheduling a call directly on our website homepage.