3 Signs Your Business Should Outsource Its Accounting

Many small to mid-sized businesses struggle to implement proper accounting processes and keep their accounting records up to date. Business owners often do not have enough time or resources to dedicate to building out a proper accounting function, which is crucial to operate and grow their business effectively.

Outsourcing the accounting work to an external company is a reliable and inexpensive way to ensure your company’s accounting function is properly developed.  With a team dedicated to getting your accounting processes up to speed, business owners can redirect their time and focus to growing the business.

Three Signs Your Business Should Outsource Its Accounting:

Excessive Time Spent on Accounting

Business owners often find themselves spending too much time building out the accounting function of their business instead of utilizing that time to grow the business.  An outsourced accounting firm will handle the daily and monthly accounting responsibilities of the business, allowing owners to get back to efforts to grow the business.

Financial Reporting Delays

Reporting the results of your business in a timely manner provides owners and investors with invaluable information about the business. Financial reporting requires effort and time to prepare, forcing employees to step away from their daily tasks to complete.  An outsourced accounting firm will be responsible for month-end close process, ensuring efficient and timely reporting of the financial results, allowing business owners and employees to focus on the core responsibilities.

Inexperience and Lack of Resources

Business owners may feel overwhelmed with the task of developing a strong accounting function or may not have a resource who can develop the accounting function.  An outsourced accounting firm is a dedicated resource, armed with proficient accounting knowledge and experience to give owners the confidence that their business’s accounting is being handled appropriately.


If you are struggling to build out the accounting function of your business or are looking to improve an existing accounting function, now is the time to explore how a firm such as CFOx can serve as your outsourced accountant. If you would like to learn more, please schedule a free consultation via email ([email protected]) or by scheduling a call directly on our website homepage.