A close-up caption from a diagonal view of metallic lustered clothes washer’s in a public launderette. Horizontal shot, image taken with a full frame camera and a prime lens at daylight.

Buy-Side Quality of Earnings (QoE) for an Investor-backed Laundromat Business

CFOx recently provided financial due diligence services to an investor-backed, multi-location laundromat business for a potential add-on acquisition.

Our client operates laundromats in the Midwest and provides laundry services, such as self-service laundry and pickup & delivery, to individuals, corporations, and municipalities. The business is growing rapidly and actively looking to expand its operations via acquisition and partnerships.

In addition to a Quality of Earnings analysis, our Transaction Services team advised the client on net working capital and net debt, and prepared a proof of cash analysis to ensure proper cash reconciliation to historical financial activity.

CFOx also currently provides recurring accounting services to the business. As the company continues to grow, the CFOx team will further develop the company’s accounting infrastructure and integrate future acquisitions and locations.

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Transaction Services Provided:

  • Quality of Earnings (QoE) Analysis
  • Due Diligence on Targets