Financial Modeling and Forecasting for a Start-Up Sports Agency

CFOx recently provided financial modeling and forecasting services to a start-up sports agency. In order to forecast the business’ financial performance, management engaged CFOx to develop a financial model. The CFOx team created a dynamic model that allows management to input different scenarios and see the resulting financial impacts. The team built a model that […]

Accounting Clean-Up and Interim Staffing for A Women’s Fishing Apparel and Gear Company

CFOx recently completed an accounting clean-up and currently provides interim accounting services to a women’s fishing apparel and gear company. The company sells apparel, bags, gear, and accessories at retail stores nationwide and online. CFOx was initially engaged to clean-up the company’s accounting records as of December 31, 2022. As part of this clean up, […]

Post-Acquisition Transition Services for a Private Equity-Backed HVAC Platform

CFOx recently completed an accounting transition for a PE-backed HVAC platform following a recent add-on acquisition.  Our client acquired an established, family-owned HVAC company in the Southeast.  CFOx was engaged post-acquisition to transition the acquiree’s key accounting functions, accounting software, and processes to the platform. The first order of business for the CFOx team was […]