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M&A Readiness: What is it, and What are the Benefits?

When a company is thinking of selling or raising capital, it will often enter the transaction process with their financial and accounting operations ‘as-is.’ This can lead to major headaches and setbacks throughout the process for both business owners and their transaction advisors.

Fortunately, these setbacks can be avoided.

M&A readiness, the process of preparing your business’ accounting and financial operation for a transaction, is an overlooked step that many sellers and advisors do not consider before they take a business to market. By ‘going-to-market’ unprepared, business owners risk the following issues:

Transaction Issues

1. Discounted valuation due to inaccurate, unorganized, and unreliable financials.

2. Costly delays (time & expenses) in the M&A process.

3. Misrepresentation of the company’s ‘story’ and future growth opportunities.

By engaging a firm, such as CFOx, to provide M&A readiness services, not only will you avoid these common transaction pitfalls, but you will also gain the following benefits:

M&A Readiness Benefits

1. An ‘expert voice in the room’ that can bridge the gap between you, your transaction advisors, and third-party diligence providers.

2. Confidence that your company’s financial position is presented accurately.

3. Extensive financial guidance to you and your team throughout the process to ensure best practices are implemented throughout your business and deadlines are met.

If your business would like to learn more about how CFOx can get your business ready for the transaction process, please schedule a free consultation via email ([email protected]) or by scheduling a call directly on our website homepage.