The CFOx Mission To Provide Financial Expertise and Financial Guidance to Small Businesses

The CFOx Mission: To Provide Financial Expertise and Financial Guidance to Small Businesses

Most small businesses are overlooked by high-quality business advisors. There is a preconceived notion by outsiders that small businesses are not prepared for external advisors, and often are unable to produce the necessary data for an advisory engagement.

Small businesses are our main focus at CFOx. Our mission is to bring financial expertise and guidance to small businesses that are often overlooked by the bigger firms who focus their time on larger, “more lucrative” clients.

Throughout our experience, we have learned that all businesses, regardless of size or industry, should have strong accounting resources and robust financial reporting capabilities. Your company’s ability to accurately report your performance and gain insights into your operations can dictate your company’s ability to reach its true potential and goals.

Let CFOx advise your business.

Key financial items we will integrate into your business:

Monthly Financial Reporting Packages

Established and growing businesses need reliable monthly financial reporting capabilities. Our monthly reporting packages include accurate and current financial statements, KPI reports, AP & AR Agings, and other key analyses. These reporting packages keep managers, key decision-makers and business owners in tune with all key aspects of their business.

Consistent KPI Tracking

Determining and tracking the appropriate revenue and profitability drivers of one’s business helps one stay informed and comfortable with what is truly happening within their business.

Current and Accurate Financials

Many small business owners avoid their financials until year-end when they hand them over to their tax CPA. Current and accurate financials will save your business from costly headaches down the road, and will help you make more-informed business decisions.

A Budget with a Budget-to-Actual Comparison

A budget holds business owners, management, and departments accountable. When compared to actual results, one can measure their business’ performance throughout any given year in relation to initial expectations. This key analysis is a ‘must have’ for any small business.

If your small business needs a trusted and caring advisor to help implement these critical financial items into your business, please schedule a free consultation via email ([email protected]) or by ‘scheduling a call’ on our website homepage.