Fractional CFO for a VC-backed OTC Medicines Company

CFOx currently serves as the Fractional CFO for a mission-focused, over-the-counter (OTC) medicines company. The company sells their products in two of the largest retailers in the country and on Amazon.

Following the departure of the company’s previous CFO, the company needed a strong resource to oversee their accounting and financial processes, but didn’t necessarily need a full-time employee. The company’s needs and CFOx were a great match.

The CFOx team manages the company’s outside bookkeeper, ensures proper revenue recognition, prepares monthly financials, and owns the FP&A aspect of the business. The team also pays bills and manages cash on a weekly basis. Keeping a close eye on cash and preparing reliable forecasts is critical given the start-up nature of the business and the presence of outside investors.

As the company continues to grow, CFOx will assist with strategic initiatives and further develop the company’s accounting infrastructure.

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CFO Services Provided:

  • Fractional CFO
  • Financial Planning & Analysis