Accounting Clean-Up and Interim Staffing for A Women’s Fishing Apparel and Gear Company

CFOx recently completed an accounting clean-up and currently provides interim accounting services to a women’s fishing apparel and gear company. The company sells apparel, bags, gear, and accessories at retail stores nationwide and online. CFOx was initially engaged to clean-up the company’s accounting records as of December 31, 2022. As part of this clean up, […]

Buy-Side Quality of Earnings (QoE) for an Investor-backed Laundromat Business

CFOx recently provided financial due diligence services to an investor-backed, multi-location laundromat business for a potential add-on acquisition. Our client operates laundromats in the Midwest and provides laundry services, such as self-service laundry and pickup & delivery, to individuals, corporations, and municipalities. The business is growing rapidly and actively looking to expand its operations via […]

Financial Modeling for a Professional Services Firm

CFOx provided financial modeling services to a professional services firm as it assessed various investment and M&A options. In order to understand the financial impact of the different options, management engaged CFOx to develop a financial model. CFOx created a dynamic model that allowed management to analyze different scenarios and the resulting returns. Management determined […]