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How a Fractional CFO Can Help Your Small Business

All small businesses need financial guidance, but many do not need a full-time CFO. A Fractional, or part-time, CFO is often a great, cost-effective solution for small business owners who need financial leadership and expertise.

Whether you are considering different growth strategies, need outside capital, or simply need more visibility into what is going on in your business, a Fractional CFO can provide the support you need without the commitment of a full-time hire.

Hiring a Fractional CFO can have the following benefits:

Financial Insights

Are you getting monthly financial reports or statements, but not sure how to use them or what insights you should be taking from them?

Having a financial partner that can articulate and summarize financial insights is invaluable for small business owners who need to make informed business decisions.


A fractional CFO can provide the financial leadership and guidance a small business needs without the commitment of a full-time employee.

Your small business might not need a full-time CFO for 40+ hours a week. Maybe there are projects or specific times when you need more support than usual. The flexibility of a Fractional CFO ensures you are always covered and only pay for the services you need.

Strategic Guidance

Many small businesses reach a plateau where they struggle to grow to the next level.

Growth through this phase depends on sound financial leadership. A Fractional CFO will not only provide accurate financial reporting and insights, but they will also add additional strategic guidance to your business.

Cost-Effective Alternative

Engaging a Fractional CFO gives you the expertise you need without all the costs (salary, fringe benefits, and payroll taxes) of a full-time CFO or controller.

If you would like to learn more about how a Fractional CFO can help your business, please schedule a free consultation via email ([email protected]) or by scheduling a call directly on our website homepage.