Making a New Acquisition? Three Keys to a Successful Accounting Integration

One of the biggest challenges businesses and investors face following the acquisition of another business is the transition and integration of the accounting functions. A smooth transition is key to not only maintain business continuity, but also to create the necessary infrastructure to support long-term growth. Key elements of achieving a successful transition include the […]

How to Ensure Your Business is Prepared for a Sale or Capital Raise

Businesses that are considering a sale or capital raise are often unprepared for the strenuous and time-demanding process. From the moment a business owner decides to sell or raise capital, the clock starts ticking to find the right advisors and gather the necessary operations data (accounting, tax, HR, operations, etc.). In the end, potential buyers […]

The 100 Day Plan: How to Set Your New Acquisition Up for Success

After months of discussions and negotiations, your business or investment firm has acquired a new company. The new acquisition checks all the boxes: shared culture, expands your geographic footprint, and offers new products or services. So what’s next? It’s time to execute a “100 Day Plan,” and a critical component of that plan is integrating […]